Welcome Back !

The staff has been busy, preparing for the arrival of the students, and the start of the school year. We are all very excited to get the school year underway, and look forward to meeting and greeting the children.

On Tuesday September 3, all classroom teachers will be posting their class lists indicating the first name and first initial of the child’s last name (e.g. John S.) commencing at approximately 8:05 am in their respective yards.   Our procedures for the first day of school are as such:

All FDKindergarten students will use the FDK yard located up the sidewalk path, to the left of front of the school.

Primary,Grades 1-3, blacktop around the corner to the left of the front of the school

Junior, Grades 4-6, middle blacktop past the primary yard

Intermediate, Grades 7 & 8 students, Intermediate yard before the soccer net

Classroom teachers will be outdoors as well as support staff to direct students and parents as well.

In case of rain, the above protocol will remain the same, but the gathering locations will change for students:

FDK: Enter FDK yard and walk inside the first classroom door (closest door to the front of the school)

Primary, Grades 1-3: Library

Grades 4-8: Large Gym

An email message will follow with all of the above information. See you on Tuesday, September 3rd!

Mrs. C. A. Falcone & SMM Staff